The Herbert Bearman Foundation

Grant Guidelines

The Herbert Bearman Foundation, Inc., seeks to fund programs in greater Baltimore, Maryland, Palm Beach County, Florida, and Israel. Other geographic areas may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

The Foundation prefers funding specific projects; however, grants for general operating support and new initiatives may be considered if short term needs can be demonstrated. The Foundation will not make grants for scholarships and has limited interest in funding capital or endowment campaigns. Grants will be awarded to only 501(c)(3) organizations. Funding generally will be limited to one year with a possible renewal based upon evaluation of goal achievement.

The formal granting process is biannual in the spring and fall. Generally, to be considered, a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) must be received by December 15 for the spring cycle and by June 15 for the fall cycle by emailing to

Proposals that are accepted for further review must have the complete application submitted by February 15 for the spring and August 15 for the fall. This includes all requested hard copies. Please allow ample time for the materials to arrive by the appropriate deadline, especially if the request is coming from overseas. Small discretionary grants may be considered throughout the year.

Letter of Inquiry

Before applying for a grant, carefully read the Foundations grant making guidelines in the mission statement. If the project fits within the guidelines, a brief letter of inquiry should be submitted to the Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation describing the program for which the funds are being requested. The letter itself, not to exceed two pages, should include the following information:

  • Amount of the grant request
  • Purpose of the grant
  • Description of the project, program, etc.
  • Expense summary of how the funding will be used
  • Time frame for implementation of the project/program
  • Statement on how the success of the project will be evaluated
  • Fiscal year in which the grant will be used
  • Total budget of project
  • Copy of current 501c3 status document
  • Identification of funders and other stakeholders supporting the organization/project/program

If we are interested in your proposal, we may ask for additional information. A site visit may be conducted. If your letter of inquiry is accepted we will request a full proposal.

Full Proposal

Full proposals should use the Grant Application Download unless otherwise instructed. Be certain to include the above information from the LOI in the full proposal as well as the latest annual total budget of the organization and the organization’s recent 990 or audited financials. A full proposal must be e-mailed to Additionally, one hard copy of the full proposal plus 16 copies of the Executive Grant Request Summary including a detailed project budget must be sent to the Foundation at our mailing address:The Herbert Bearman Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 1428, Brooklandville, MD 21022.

All requested documentation must be provided in all sixteen (16) copies of the executive grant summary. The proposal and grant summary will not be forwarded to the Grants Advisory Committee unless all required information has been received.

The Herbert Bearman Foundation Advisory Committee meets twice a year usually in October and April. In most cases, grant distributions are made two weeks after meeting. Should the proposal be declined, the applicant is discouraged from reapplying for at least one year from the date of the Foundation’s declination letter.